Dienstag, 31. August 2010

Christmas Card Tutorial

Hi everyone,
this weekend I tried out a new technique that I found on youtube ages ago. I tried to make a little tutorial for you guys, so you can try it out yourself. I promise that it is great fun to do!!! I created around 30 christmas cards this weekend, because the weather was just like in winter.Here is what you need:
  • thicker printing paper or any other thicker paper (180g I think it´s called)
  • old newspapers or old paper
  • paper napkins with pictures or nice backgrounds
  • craft iron and iron board
  • cling film
And now I will tell you how to do it:
  • You have to put newspapers or any paper on your iron board and place the piece of paper you want to do the technique on, on top of it. I found it easier to use an A4 sheet of paper instead of a small card and rather cut it into the size I want later.
  • The you place the cling film on top of the paper.
  • The next part is chosing your paper napkin. Pull off the top layer and place it onto the cling film.
  • Again add old paper or newspapers (sometimes the letters come off to your pictures, so I rather use old paper) and iron it.
  • The cling film will melt the paper napkin on the paper and it really makes a nice texture. You can use any napkin you like and it really makes great cards and backgrounds! If there is a corner not really attached to the paper you can correct it by carefully ironing the card.
Here is one of my finished cards, I will present the others to you in the next couple of posts:
I hope you will have as much fun as I had creating those cards!!!

Have a nice day,

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  1. Looks a great one to try Zoe, I love new techniques. Thanks for this.
    Luv B xxx